2 June: Divine Design or Love Divine?


2nd June

Our regular Jehovah’s Witness visitors do not see God as a loving Trinity and their way of interpreting the Scripture is quite different to what I am used to.

The back page of their magazine carries a story about an animal that has taken the editor’s fancy. It will describe ways in which this creature is remarkably well adapted to its niche in the world, and then challenges the reader to look at the electric eel or the great tit or the flying squirrel and decide – was this creature the result of chance evolution or design?

I want to scream out loud: that is the wrong question! The Good Lord is not a designer, he is a lover! He creates through evolution, which is a cadenza from his shared love, unpredictable to mere mortals. A note is struck by the Father, spoken by the Word, spread across the face of the earth and the galaxies by the Spirit, and becomes a great tit, a blue tit, a crested, coal, or willow tit, a chickadee or a long-tailed tit. Such an abundance of little insect-eating tit-mice is over-the-top generous. Calling God a designer risks diminishing God the Lover.


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