More About Little Flowers

strawbleaves (2)

I may be tidying up the garden these days, pruning and pulling out exhausted plants, but I’ve also reclaimed a corner near Mrs O’s front door and planted it with wild strawberries brought back from France. I don’t know if this stock will fruit in that rather shady spot, but there will be plenty of ground cover, with the most elegant leaves and tiny white flowers. So I’ll share a few encouraging words from France, again from Saint Therese!

 Just as the sun shines at the same time on the cedar trees and on each little flower as if it were alone upon the earth, so Our Lord cares for each soul individually as if there were no other like her; and as in nature all the seasons are arranged so as to bring even the humblest little daisy to blossom on the right day, so indeed all things are there for the benefit of each soul.

Of course one responsibility of the gardener is to keep the flowers coming! To make sure they bloom when they ought those bulbs go in now, and so will a few annuals for early flowering. Adam and Eve were gardeners, even before the Fall; of course we bask in the blessings when we can but we should have black fingernails at the end of the day!


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