Humility – Francis’s Perspective.

I thought I’d go from Therese and her little flowers to Saint Francis. His flowers are anecdotes about his life, which can be found at .


In Chapter 10 Francis speaks to Brother Masseo:

“Wouldst thou know why all men follow me? Know that it is because the Lord, who is in heaven, who sees the evil and the good in all places – because, I say, his holy eyes have found among men no one more wicked, more imperfect, or a greater sinner than I am; and to accomplish the wonderful work which he intends to do, he has found no creature more vile than I am on earth; for which reason he has chosen me, to confound all strength, beauty, greatness, noble birth, and all the science of the world, that men may learn that every virtue and every good gift cometh from him, and not from any creature, that none may glory before him; but if any one glory, let him glory in the Lord, to whom belongeth all glory in eternity.”

Therese would surely take issue with calling oneself wicked, imperfect and vile, but she’d agree that every good gift comes from God. No-one followed Francis because he was wicked or vile, though we humans have a knack of loving each other for our imperfections. Goodness shone from Francis because God made him good, and because he let God shine through him.

Let us glory in the Lord, for this week’s saints; for Francis and for Therese!

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