Greyfriars Site in the City of Canterbury

Although some entries in our blog speak about events and experiences of people who visit or work at the Franciscan International Study Centre, which sits on the hill overlooking the city of Canterbury, this Centre exists because of a rather hidden historical site right in the heart of the city. This is the remaining building of what was once a fairly large Franciscan Church, friary and guest house, built in the 1260s. By that time, Franciscans had been living in small muddy huts (wattle and daub, to be technical) on the island in the Stour for 40 years. They arrived at the Stour Street location in 1224, two years before St. Francis died, led by Agnellus, a deacon. What now remains is the guest house, poised over the river. This is a photo of the guest house, a suitable picture to present as we welcome readers to our new blog.




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  1. Hello Chris, Thank you for this. When I can remember how to do it, I will add this to the Home page as a subpage, so that it will always be near the beginning of the site. Perhaps a few interior pictures would not come amiss when someone is down there with a camera, and a mention of the SSF who have care of the place ought to be added. Maurice.


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