Caught Unawares


FISC Entrance, by CD.

Caught Unawares

I sensed someone had spotted me, and might interrupt, but I stuck to what I’d begun, jotting down some thoughts, leaning on a shelf at the end of the entry corridor of the Study Centre. “Oh I see! You are left-handed!” Hamish called out, loud and clear, the full length of this passageway. I didn’t think I was still self-conscious about being left-handed, as I had been when I was a child. But my perceptive friend detected that I was. The rather low key demon of shyness was hovering around me still. He defeated it with his cheerful, teasing smile.

FISC Library Corridor

FISC Entry Corridor by CD.

Any setting where friendships gradually strengthen, or become more alive and authentic, can stay in my thoughts as a lasting image of grace for weeks. This corridor has seen all sorts of introductions, warm first greetings, and moments of beneficial chat. Catechists gather here for updates and ongoing formation. Couples arrive to meet counsellors or for marriage guidance. Students pause, mingle and check one another’s progress through the week as they wait for kitchen workers to announce lunch is ready. Others check the notice board for special events, or clashes with their timetable.

In all of these versions, God’s favour can be experienced and gratitude for a fresh glimpse of shared liveliness may bring a flow of brightness into our minds and hearts.

Yes, I kick a football left-footed too, and used to play tennis with my left arm. I am happy just to be my quirky self.



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