Thanksgiving and Prayer.

FISC Chapel by CD.

FISC Chapel by CD.

Thanksgiving and Prayer.

Even in a week-long series of thoughts, a quick tour of the place where I live, work and celebrate, I can quickly pick out incidents that call for a well-grounded relationship of prayer, taking me into the life of God. Each day I have identified some prickly experience, involving at times people who may need me to be very good at supportive insights, people who can only acquire healing if I am prepared to be prayerful.

This Chapel is to me a location bringing together a medley of song, gratitude, nourishment and silence. For many people, intimacy with the love of Christ has been deepened here. This happens through sensitive and liberating preachers, through liturgies drawing on gentle dance from India, uplifting chants from Africa, collages put together as a therapeutic project by the sabbatical students, newly composed hymns, and our regular gathering to pray the psalms in community.

We turn to the Lord for vision and peace here, young and old, individually or all together. We honestly bring him our search for meaning, and offer our lives, heart and soul.

Prayer is not just something I do for myself. I hold up to God glimpses I have had into tensions, fears, struggles, confusions, mistaken beliefs, depression and even despair, encountered in others. I ask for his light, to take me more sensitively into accord with those people’s inner worlds. I ask the Holy Spirit to show me gifts I should communicate. I ask to become a peace-maker.



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