Advent hitch hiking reflection 2

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Faith and hope are in many ways one thing. I believe in a God I have never seen. The evidence pointing toward his existence is readily apparent, even to the naked eye, but I remain far from the Beatific Vision and I can only read about the historical Jesus in books. Hope is what lends courage to the journey faith sets before us. If I believed in God, but had no hope I would be drinking the dregs of damnation. I think the demons must be well acquainted with that ironic thirst.

Without hope there would be no beginning because fear would quickly assume control. I would remain paralysed, perhaps dimly perceiving a dream-like destination, but crippled by the vision of an aborted Heaven. The presence of hope enhances my vision by enabling me to see, in some way, the whole journey at its inception. When hope bears fruit it becomes a sort of Eucharistic companion, fulfilling all promises of presence and destination in a lean reminder of the meaning of Emmanuel. When that happens, within hope’s ethos, God is easily recognized as a fellow hitch hiker journeying toward the same destination. TJH


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