17/12 Another Damaged One

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She had a keen ear and heart for poetry.

One day we read these verse by local man, Kit Marlowe:

Come live with me, and be my love

And we will all the pleasures prove

That hills and valleys, dales and fields,

Woods, or steepy mountain yields.

Her reply was down to earth: ‘I’ve heard it all before’ in six glorious, rhyming stanzas.

Sadly she had heard, seen and undergone far too much before. Although she was in a place of physical safety, and had trusted friends at the children’s home, and was receiving psychiatric help, her anger surfaced unpredictably.

Arson is life-threatening, and the lives threatened were innocent of any harm to her. For her own safety as well as the local community, she had to be taken into secure accommodation.

But not a wicked girl.

Pray for all damaged children and those who work with them, that they never be discouraged when all seems dark.



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