20/12 This Little Light of Mine – I


When he was adapting the novel ‘Wolf Hall’ for BBC Television, Peter Kominsky used the latest camera lenses to be able to film by candlelight alone. We who have electricity at the touch of a switch all too easily forget the power of one candle to disperse the darkness. We risk knowing truly neither dark nor light.

Yet in chapter three of the Book of Exodus it was the light from the Burning Bush that first led Moses to listen to the Lord God, the God who spoke out of the light, the God who charged Moses to set his people free, the God who called himself ‘I AM’.

At the very beginning ‘I AM’ created light to sustain the Universe he was fashioning. What is more, he left his fingerprints even upon light, so that scientists today can study ancient light from far-flung galaxies to learn how and when that first creation took place. Somehow, we are: we are because ‘I AM’ created light more light years ago than ever we could imagine.



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