Mary’s Song

NASA image

I woke, containing you, singing a new song.

Fire’s element mastered in flame, fashions a form;

love’s pulse within me shall be shaped a man, but

can spirit be birth-bound; merit a mother and warm?


White winter falls silent and cold;

we wait loving, and still I sing but more

turn in to my womb where silences eddy,

gyrate, and soundless break on an unseen shore.


 Quick child within the dark, does know, sees,

hears;  must never lose myriad wonder of flower-

colour, chromatics that counter and fuse, nor

rise out of reach moon and his bright star.


You win me earth’s essence and warm.

Lunar beauty is bliss, and cannon in far skies

those singing stars I know may now be dust.

 No matter: I saw my child in the angel’s eyes.


Creation spirals, rounds, barely I touch

eternal  its rim with quiet fingers. On tips

of silence that angel is poised beyond darkness,

yet I shall suckle at my mere breast his lips.



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One response to “Mary’s Song

  1. Watching 6 month old Isaac at Christmas Dinner, I was struck by how he is growing from being ‘contained’ and ‘suckled’ towards being weaned through the attentive, loving care of his parents. Motherhood and fatherhood is very much a movable feast, each course to be savoured. Even the sleepless nights.


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