Ite ad Joseph

Ite ad Joseph

Holy Family Window, Catholic Church, Saddleworth


Then we come to Joseph, as bidden.

A word about him, another chosen one.

I should like to state quite firmly

that he would not have had the time

to stand about holding lilies,

dressed in a green and brown robe.

He was most probably not old and balding,

but definitely good and conscientious

at his job; great with lathe, saw and suchlike.

He loved Mary; the real Mary, before statues.

After all, he was betrothed to her;

they were preparing for life together.

And then this sudden inconceivable ‘I’ve something

to tell you’ and the fuller version to himself from

an Angel, no less. Joseph must have been shattered,

together with all his plans for the future, into a turmoil of

confusion; maybe angry even at first.

Mary seemed so sure; sticking to her story: ‘An Angel spoke to me;

gave me a request from God’. How could she not say ‘Yes’?

She even managed to be serene and absolutely certain.

But a baby! To make sense of that – How?

Only through Mary’s steady love of him; her evident purity,

her innocence. She became his rock to cling to, but he was her

anchor; her protector in danger; faithful husband

and a loving father to the Father’s only Son.



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