* 21.1.16 A Way Forward? II


As the IMGP5095 (449x734)war years slowly dragged by I often wondered how our very self confident, young Nazi was coping with the disenchantment and doubt generated by the unfolding situation. No German invasion of Britain, the German army after some initial success being torn to pieces by the Russians. The German army being defeated in North Africa, losing Italy and finally the intense bombing of Germany itself and the allied invasion of Europe leading to the total collapse of the German armed forces and the overthrow of the whole regime.

Would he go mad, or perhaps he would immerse himself in study and become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. Could he even possibly become a priest? Could a man such as he find solace in religion? Yes, of course he could. If I had his address I would send him a copy of Richard Rohr’s work, ‘Falling Upward’ which describes how the second part of life  can open new revelations after all the certainties and ‘ego fixes’ of the first part of life are often revealed to be very shallow.



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  1. Parachuting into prison, falling into freedom; You’d hope the pilot would appreciate the irony.


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