* 27/2 Reflections on Freedom and Responsibility VII

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Here is a beautiful passage from John Paul II’s encyclical, Redemptor Hominis:


Being responsible for [the] truth means loving it and seeking the most exact understanding of it in order to bring it closer to ourselves and others in all its saving power….  This love and this aspiration to understand the truth must go hand in hand, as is confirmed by the histories of the saints in the Church.  These received most brightly the authentic light that illuminates divine truth and brings close God’s very reality….


Our freedom is for something – for dedicating ourselves to ‘the divine truth [that] brings close God’s very reality.  At the same time, the Church affirms with the weight of definition that our spiritual principle is itself individual and therefore, free, even in our relationship to God.  So, although we are ‘impelled by our nature’ to seek the truth, although we hunger for it, we are not so impelled or so hungry as to be without choice in the matter.  We can choose another path; we can place other goods above the absolute good, and we can choose to seek them in a way that does harm.  We are free in relation to God and his law.  He never forces us.





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