Friday 4th March, 2016: ‘Come back to the Lord your God’

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(Hosea 14:2-10; Psalm 80:6, 8-11,14, 17 R/v9.11; Mark 12:28-34)


Today’s readings lead us to ask ourselves: what is it that takes most of my energy and time?  Is it money, property, business?  Do these things lead me to God or separate me from God?

If they do not lead me to God – then God says: “Come, let us talk this over. I am here for you.”  As Jesus tells Martha in the gospel story, you occupy yourself with so many things but only one thing is important.  We spend so much time running around doing things, which of course may be important, but the danger is that, in our pursuit of created things, we often forget the Creator, who gives them to us.  All that I may acquire here on earth cannot give me the happiness and peace I so much long for.

Let us invite God into our lives and all will be well again.  God knows exactly who we are and loves us as we are.  He is extending his hands towards us and asking that we come back to him.  It is not too late to begin anew.  God’s patience does not expire.  He promises to heal us of all our brokenness if we call upon him.  So, what shall I say to God? Can I be humble enough to say: “take all iniquity away so that I may have happiness again and offer you my words of praise” (Hosea 14:3)

May God grant us grace to seek him sincerely especially during this period of Lent.




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