14th March – Jesus is God saying this is who I am for you

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The Incarnation is not a result of God’s first aid kit; but God could not have created beings mercylogoequal to God, the essence of God is total transcendence; it is much more than God being primus inter pares but in becoming “equal” to us, in emptying himself, Christ claims equality with us in such a way that we have equality with him, through intimacy. God’s presence is throughout creation, but only in the human heart is this presence able to be experienced as intimate. Mercy and justice have met, peace and goodness have embraced in a way infinitely more profound than simply seeing it as “putting things right”. Jesus is God saying this is who I am for you – simply another way of saying I love you.

Modern advertising makes offers of things good for us – but always end with that ungodly statement – conditions apply! Everything in God is whole and total. God never applies conditions. Some ask, why does God allow suffering, injustice and inhumanity? If God wants us to say a valued yes to what is offered there must be possibility of saying no. We turned away – whether through embarrassment – they hid because they were naked – or through a blunt no thanks! We turned our back and walked away. But we cannot walk away from God; instead of my seeing God in front of me what I long for with 320px-Hunt_Light_of_the_World[1]all my heart; God is seeing me as the apple of his eye, and so follows me into my sin and selfishness – behold I stand and knock [Holman Hunt] – waiting for when God gets through to me with the concern: you are much better than this! Hearing this and taking it in is the first stage of repentance – it is turning and going home. In everyday terms it is wanting to experience love as forgiveness and celebrate it through an invitation [inner awareness of wanting to go] to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Part of the Good News is all humans – who share the humanity of Christ, and now share his divinity – are so destined. We start by letting the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus be itself and not what we make of it. Being human is the key letting us into experiencing being loved by God and wanting to say thank-you, aware that we already belong before ever we did anything about it. As Scripture says in God we live and move and have our being which is the activity of the Spirit poured into our hearts. For as long as we are turned away from the truth of the Incarnation – to that extent will Creation remain an unfinished symphony.


Light of the World by William Holman Hunt at – http://www.bg-blog.ru/comments.php?id=555 in public domain.



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