16th March – Love takes faith out of the reach of doctrine and precept



Caernarfon MMB.

St John [15.9] urges us to remain in love; remain in beauty, in peace. in tranquillity… this takes faith living out of the reach of doctrine and precept. This same experience changes wherever love is missing; and our appreciation of the underpinning goodness of Creation urges us, in the words of Bonaventure – wherever you see good – celebrate it; wherever you see goodness broken – repair it; wherever goodness is missing – bring it with you!

All very well, but what has happened to Original Sin, whose effects we see in abundance through violence, injustice and terrorism..? There are some unreal people around – those who can say isn’t life beautiful, everything is full of wonder… Not so. Life is messy – shot through with good and bad, so much so that we need to locate where we are. Far from asserting that everything is all right – everything is not all right, but that is all right!

The Incarnation holds the key – this Hypostatic Union is how God is present in Creation, and so Grace is ever and always available to us. Life is Grace, it is freely given without charge or mortgage, it is there to be enjoyed. This is Jesus’ mission to urge us and to make it possible for us to live well, to enjoy the journey… from such limited living will eternal life emerge. Life leads us to God, and the quality of living provides intimacy with God throughout the journey. So we can anticipate the arrival home with all the enthusiasm proper to eager travellers. Original Sin intrudes and handicaps this through ungracious living.





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