19th March – The Incarnation is not Done and Dusted.


Altar Crucifix, St Mary Magdalene, Davington, Kent.

The Incarnation is not an event that happened 2000 years ago and is done and dusted. It belongs at the heart of Creation which is continuously unfolding. The Incarnation is as much about the presence of God in Creation as it is about God present in Jesus. The world is essentially Christic in structure. The invitation from God to share intimacy has been heard and accepted in Jesus. There is a potential within the human to blossom into intimacy with God – something which Jesus releases through his Spirit: Father into your hands I commend my Spirit – is the completion – a human life from birth to death lived as intended and there for all to embrace. The human is essentially Christic, before and after the Incarnation.

With this available to all, without exception, why so much self-doubt, so much fear because of unworthiness. In my 80’s, reasonably sound in wind and limb, blessed by experiences of friendship – so, why so much fear? Have I thanked my body for carrying me through life? I’ve had complaints and grumbles, but I am alive – and the limitations are largely self-imposed through my determination to do it my way.

The harbinger of so much fear is sister death waiting in the wings, and who robs us of those near and dear to us. It is not helpful to try to ameliorate this with expressions like – she has not gone far, simply into another room… The dead are removed from surface sight, now – with considerable bereavement – into somewhere deeper inside where intimacy belongs, and where intimacy is experienced differently: to be missed is to be loved… Are they dead to us but alive elsewhere? What did Jesus mean: it is good for you that I go and from OT I mean to save you from your graves and lead you back to the soil of Israel?



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