Palm Sunday in Lusaka: Ecumenical Procession – CHRIST IS OUR IDENTITY

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism!

Missionaries of Africa - SAP Province

Palm Sunday in Lusaka - Procession 01bBy Itaru John, M.Afr, Lusaka

The 2016 Palm Sunday has seen another realization of ecumenical procession. Nine different Churches in Kabwata area (where M.Afr carry their pastoral work) gathered together for a colourful procession to mark the triumphant entry of our Lord in Jerusalem.  These Churches are: African Methodist Episcopal Church, Roman Catholic Church, Kabwata Church of Nazarene, Kabwata Pilgrim Wesleyan Church, Reformed Church in Zambia, Anglican Church, The Salvation Army, The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) and the United Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa. The procession covered about three to four kilometres. It is beyond doubt that from ecumenical point of view, one can affirm that the Church in Zambia has succeeded to make ecumenical gathering a real event. This is something to appreciate. This platform inspires!

Palm Sunday in Lusaka - Procession 02Recently we have seen how the Pope Francis insists on the unity of the Church by meeting and reviving long…

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