March 27, Easter Sunday: Awakening into Love


The resurrection of the white martyr takes place in this life. The death of the physical body has no part in it. It is a resurrection from brokenness to wholeness, from alienation to connectedness, from ignorance to knowledge. It is an awakening into love; when Paul speaks of the raising of the dead, the Greek verb translated as ‘raise’ also means ‘to awaken’.  We are raised into the ability to love ever more expansively, to receive love ever more deeply, and to see ever more clearly the omnipresence of love throughout creation.

nasaM81galaxyIf you gaze at the sky on a clear moonless night, the longer you do so the more stars you see. Gradually it becomes apparent that the whole sky is luminous, and as you continue to hold your gaze, ever greater luminosity is disclosed.

The contemplative gaze enables us to see that love permeates reality in the same way that light permeates the night sky; that love is the substratum of being, the most basic stuff of all that is. It enables us to see that appearances notwithstanding, God is all in all.

The next life is, in the first instance, the present life seen in the light of love. This is an awakening into a new way of seeing which reveals a world of boundless wonder and unspeakable beauty. It is awakening into true life with Christ.

cave3 (391x482)

The tomb of sin, of ignorance and error, in which we were buried, is now empty.

Strasbourg, Anglesey, NASA, Anglesey.




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