26th April: Peace on Earth? I

IMGP1797The Ossyrian Grand Council was in session. They had been debating for lourds and lourds the motion whether to send an exploratory mission to Planet Earth.

The Grand Overseer blew his trumpet. His long neck was fully extended to over five metres and his ears were flapping wildly whilst his domed head was literally pulsating. ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ he cried, ‘we have debated this motion for over a wok and now we must come to a decision. If we wait any longer our space flights will not be in the right orbit to access Planet Earth. So my friends, is it to be yea or nay?’

There was a great shout and the Grand Overseer could see immediately it was for going.

‘My Brothers and Sisters, this is a great enterprise, requiring enormous skill and sophisticated work by our engineers and much forethought by our philosophers, in particular by the chosen flight crews. There will be two Kardor spacecraft each with a crew of twenty led by Capteasins Pedo Vassilmaddy and Volly Blasmakov. Training will last one yown and will commence toddy.

‘Now let us sing our joyful anthem “Peace and love to all the ubiverse.”’

A sweet sound arose as all the Ossyrians raised their tuneful voices.

Later there was a small gathering in the suite of the Grand Overseer who was having second thoughts about the whole enterprise.



‘We know so little about these earthlings who are at one time professing peace, love, goodwill to all creation and then preparing for war with dreadful weapons and damning their fellows in the most virulent language. Moreover, their whole planet is threatened by drought and pollution about which they keep debating but do very little because the wealthy nations who control the vital resources are not willing to provide for the needs of their poor and under resourced neighbours.

‘This is of course very short sighted and could lead to a very destructive war. So are they on a course to self destruct, in which case are we wasting our time? Is our object to help them or to prevent them from damaging our planet by pollution or war?’

‘Surely’ said an eminent, thickly haired Ossyrian who spoke in deep reflective tones,’ we have an inter-galactic duty to try and help these earthlings who seem so muddled in their thinking.’

‘Well, naturally you would think so Ductur, We appreciate it is the special prerogative of your sect to argue for the most hopeful and peaceful outcomes always, but as I said we do not know if these earthlings will, or indeed if they are capable of responding to the sort of help you would offer. But you must follow the promptings of your God,’ Susjee’.

The meeting broke up and the work commenced whilst a special observation unit was established to closely watch the earth and its strange inhabitants.



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