31st May: Make Your Home in Me



‘I am the vine … Make your home in me, as I make mine in you.’ This passage from John 15 was the keynote reading for our wedding, thirty-six years ago today.
What has making a home meant in practice? We have our icons and crucifixes to remind us of that promise to make our home in the Lord, but when these become part of the furniture, they could easily be taken for granted.

My wife Janet takes little for granted. She has a constant programme of renewal: the bathroom having been sorted two years ago, our bedroom was decorated last year, the garden is this year’s project. More than mere maintenance, these programmes let her creativity blossom. Some things get moved, and not every member of the family knows where to find them. New shelves are made; the back gate is painted; the garden is given new plants… It can be unsettling or exciting.
Making a home is to join in the work of the Trinity, to create a place for love to flourish. The effects of the love between the persons of the Trinity are unpredictable, at least to mortal minds. We are there in the midst of it all, called by the Lord of the Dance.


– Even in Autumn a vine is beautiful. MMB

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