June 2nd: The Martyrs of Uganda – Saints for Today


Albert Widerhttp://www.heiligenlexikon.de and declared to be PD

The Martyrs of Uganda, whose feast we celebrate tomorrow, were among the very first converts to Christianity in their country during the Nineteenth Century. Of those whose names we know, 23 were Anglican and 22 Catholic. Most of them were young pages in King Mwanga’s court. Mwanga had a habit of sexually abusing boys and when this group of his servants refused to submit to him his anger eventually boiled over into ordering their cruel death by burning.

The young men went bravely to their martyrdom. Because they were united in knowing about and opposing the king’s abusive behaviour, they were better able to withstand it, even at such great cost.

The great missionary pope, Benedict XV, beatified the Martyrs. Paul VI canonised them, remembering the Anglican as well as the Catholic. All died for the faith. Perhaps it is time to recognise these brave young men as the patron saints of people who suffer sexual abuse. If the Church thus openly celebrated those who oppose the abuse of power, of intimacy and of the human body, it could come closer to ending this cancer.

Meanwhile, I invite you to read this powerful post from a blogger known as Dixi.




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