June 12: The message of Jesus is Mercy

Francismercy poster


The message of Jesus is Mercy


  • The Face of God is Mercy
  • God forgives, not with a decree, but with a caress
  • Jesus too goes beyond the Law and forgives by caressing the wounds of our sins
  • Mercy does not forgive our sins. What erases sin is God’s forgiveness.  Mercy is the way in which He forgives.
  • Sin is more than a stain. It is a wound that needs to be treated and healed.
  • Mercy is the Lord’s most powerful message . . . let us be enveloped by the mercy of God . . . We will feel (God’s) wonderful tenderness, we will feel (God’s) embrace and we too will become more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness and love.

mercy.pier (640x340)

  • Fall into the ocean of mercy.


Reflection 1

We have received tremendous mercy and pardon from God.  Tremendous forgiveness and compassion from God.   How do we give that to others?   Are we as generous to others as the Lord is to us?

Reflection 2

In the early centuries of the Church one could only receive Absolution once in a lifetime.  Comparing that with today, does this give you a greater appreciation of the Sacrament and of this Year of Mercy?



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