Monday 20th June: God’s mercy is constant and limitless


Pope Francis embraces a child as he meets the disabled during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican Jan. 13. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-AUDIENCE-MERCY Jan. 13, 2016.

‘God’s mercy is constant and limitless; he is faithful in his mercy for his children, even when they are unfaithful.’

(Pope Francis, weekly audience, Jan 13th 2016,

mercylogoThis Jubilee Year of Mercy is a wonderful time to reflect on how God is always faithful even when we are not.  I can still remember when I ‘switched off’ God because I felt punished by God and worthless in my own eyes.  Not long after my Mum died, I was relieved of a duty I had put twelve years of my life into and other trials followed.  I couldn’t comprehend why all these were happening at once.  I was very sad and alone in the midst of so many people.  I couldn’t see myself going to Mass any longer.  Nothing anyone could say made sense.  It was only when I woke up in a hospital bed following a road accident that I began to feel how much God’s love abided with me. My anger had deprived me of noticing that God was with me in all my experiences.  My feelings changed towards gratitude and forgiveness.  It became clear to me that whatever happened, God was always very close.  God is a good and loving Father who waits patiently for us to turn to him for warmth and solace.  God’s loving mercy does not depend on how we feel – it abounds always.  Therefore, seek him today, no matter what has happened in your life and you will surely find in God’s presence fullness of life.

Saint Alban, remembered on this day as a protomartyr of Britain, is an inspiring witness for all who hope for God’s mercy in their lives; a patron saint of converts, refugees and torture victims (Saint Alban Fellowship).

Our Lady ofWalsingham: pray for us.

St. Alban:                              pray for us.




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One response to “Monday 20th June: God’s mercy is constant and limitless

  1. Thank you for this post and for remembering Alban. The mercy he showed to the fugitive priest did not lead to mercy for himself – by this world’s standards. And Jo Cox RIP was also killed for marching to a different drumbeat. Let’s pray that we may be merciful as the Father is merciful, even if some days our best effort seems a waste of time. Will.


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