Light I: I offer you a part myself with this burning candle.


Lord, may this candle, which I now inflame,

Be a light through which you enlighten me in all my difficulties and decisions.

May it be a flame by which you burn away my pride, my egoism and every impurity within me; a flame through which you warm my heart and teach me to love.

Lord, I cannot stay long in your Church, but I wish to offer you a part of myself, which will remain here with this burning candle.

Help me to continue my prayer in the deeds and words of this day.

Lord, a candle stands before me.

It burns restlessly, sometimes with a small, sometimes with a larger flame.

Lord, I too am often restless.

Let me find rest in you.

It gives me light and warmth; Lord, let me, too, be light for the world.

It burns away and consumes itself in its service.

Lord, often I have only an eye to my own interests.

Let me be a servant to others.

This candle can be used to light other candles.

Lord, let me become an example for others.


Candles themselves cannot pray, of course, but they can help us to pray.

Candles have various meanings in people’s lives.

Each candle is in some way a reflection of that light

Which came into the darkness of our world in Bethlehem.

A candle also reminds us of Baptism, the beginning of our way with Christ

And the call to life, to eternal life.

May you discover more and more the meaning which light has in your life.


Peter Smith MAfr.

(Peter Smith is a Missionary of Africa, at present working to welcome people to the Basilica of St Anne, Jerusalem.  This prayer can be found here in the May 2016 edition of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) Magazine.)


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