July 28: A Birthday Treat, II: An Unforeseen Ending


Tommy was about to find that life is full of surprises!

Just then their number was called. His Mum suddenly seemed confused about how to steer the boat to the shore. Tommy watched excited as one of the boatmen prepared to leap on to the bow of the boat. The young fellow leapt as he had done, probably a hundred times, but this time something rather unusual occurred.

mercylogoAs he was in the air preparing for a quick descent on the boat’s deck, the boat suddenly went into reverse and he went into the water. This was because Tommy’s clever, confident Mum had suddenly discovered that if you turned the steering wheel full circle the boat would go backwards.

Tommy’s Mum felt badly about this because she had humiliated the young man and she felt even worse when she heard him cry out that he could not swim. Meanwhile, the other boatmen and a crowd of onlookers were watching in hysterics as Tommy’s Mum and her other sons dived into the lake to rescue the unfortunate fellow.

Tommy himself felt the man was a fraud which was a bit unfair, but it taught him not to judge by appearances.

Speaking of which, Tom’s Mum and brothers looked in a bit of a mess but Tommy felt very proud of them and it somehow made his special day even more special.


(More from Tommy around Christmas!)


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