5 September: Fiat


fallsupwardLike this tree, half-felled

by storm-wind, let my soul be

split, but not destroyed – see –

boughs, like ballet arms extending,

arch as if intending still more –

this severance allows for greater bending:

wind that wrecked has shaped

a back a neck a head –

once upright, whole, now torn –

another perfection’s born:

a tangled, sweeping reverence.

bowing to unlikely providence

that wrought this dread marvel

of fiat form.


A hidden flaw at core, no doubt,

gave grip for wind to wring

this grace like water out,

cracking this tough, this sheer,

this rigid thing –

new beauty spilt:

wound’s yielding.

Science needs surprises –

find yours.

Rule, pattern, type

don’t always please your God –

he’s not that kind of deity.

the good’s not always

in what’s done rightly.

Let my soul, half-felled,

be like this tree.





Filed under Daily Reflections, poetry, Year of Mercy

2 responses to “5 September: Fiat

  1. Maurice Billingsley

    Thank You Johanna,
    This bears rereading time and again.
    There is one street tree near us that had its crown torn off by human vandals; it was left for a season, then someone came and pruned it,gave it shape. Now it is beyond such damage, growing on three stems instead of just the one, and beautiful. I’m glad to see my scepticism refuted!



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