23 September: Intergalactic Discoveries, XI: A Triumph of Interspecific Thought Transference.


T was unimpressed by this ‘dastardly deception’. ‘What kind of ambassadors are you?’

‘Sent to lie abroad for our Galaxy’, retorted Alfie.

‘Lying or lying? Be careful. Earth is changing you.’

The next opportunity to exercise thought transference came when baby Abel arrived. The humans were wary lest Alfie snap at him, but by now Abel was walking and making lots of noise, but not really talking.

‘Here’s a challenge,’ said Ajax. ‘Let’s make everyone happy. Are you ready? Beam!’

They both sat, ears up, looking intently at Abel, who was pointing at them, looking from dogs to grandparents and back again. He went rigid, screwed up his face, and said, ‘Oggg, Oggg, Oggg!’

‘Hey, that was powerful!’ thought Ajax. It seemed that young humans could communicate without words, but really wanted to use them. Abel was very pleased with himself, hardly believing he’d said his first word.

The Chihuahuax were pleased with themselves too, but that was always the default setting for them.



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