October 28: Lest ye be judged IV

An Ajax Fix

By Agent Ajax/Bogmerl

Observations to the Central Committee (CC) on Canine Human Interaction: Case Study of Noreen: Sheet 1.

During T’s absence in California, Agents Alfie and Ajax lodged with Will Turnstone in Canterbury. These observations concern a female human encountered on The Field where canines and attendant humans exercise twice or more daily.

CC will recall the incident at the animal shelter when the old woman adopted Mitzi the mongrel, and Mitzi, for her part, adopted the old woman. One evening when walking with Will and baby Abel, we met Mitzi. Alfie/Droghmirrz identified her by smell but her visual appearance had changed; she walked taller, shining coat, eyes bright. As humans say, she had landed on her feet. Agent Alfie’s nasal competence is well-attested: he reported that Mitzi’s base scent had remained constant but the fear pheromone had abated, leaving a more attractive presentation.

Mitzi’s human was barely recognisable. Clean hair, clean clothes, clean smell, small tin full of doggy treats to share. We were pondering this transformation when telepathic messages made themselves heard. ‘Get Will talking to her.’

Will needed no prompting. Addressing the female as Noreen, he asked about her dogs, her work and about another dog known to both humans with a tumour on his leg. We had not heard of this, but now telepathed a message of support to poor Rocket.

Noreen, we learnt, worked for Rocket’s owner, ‘just to help out in the garden’, and did some cleaning for another dog walker. They bartered work for plants, lifts to the beach or the woods, theatre trips, weekend dog care and so on. A shared interest may bring people together and that first contact may grow in many ways.

But why were we receiving telepaths?


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