20 February, Inter-galactic Exploration, XXIII: Peeeeeeeeeeeep! Peeeeeeeeeeep! part 2.

‘Well,’ said Ajax after Will and Abel had taken themselves back to the railway station. ‘What do you make of that story?’
‘I liked Callum,’ said Alfie, ‘but he seemed a bit aggressive to start with.’
‘So, my friends,’ aked T. ‘Which was the real Callum? “Nasty piece of work” or “you made my day”?’
‘I guess if someone expects you to be a nasty piece of work, that’s what they’ll see, but I smelt anger coming out of him,’ said Alfie. ‘That was before we heard about him at school.’
‘And what if Will had been stealing you? Surely he’d have been righteously angry on my behalf?’
‘But you would not want Will beaten up by an angry law enforcer,’ countered Ajax.
‘He was never going to be touched by Callum, except for that handshake. Once Callum knew the dogs were OK, then Will was OK. And when Callum recognised Will he stopped being a cop and became just a human being. Mind, I might get Sergeant Callum to have a word about the way Will lets Abel stuff you with treats when you have perfectly balanced K9Krunchees in the bowls here.’
‘Leave Abel alone,’said Alfie. ‘K9Krunchees are better than certain other scientific foods we all remember. Adequate but incomplete, the old six foods and four drinks, but K9Krunchees seem to give me an appetite for more interesting things that you couldn’t sniff out in your human disguise.’


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4 responses to “20 February, Inter-galactic Exploration, XXIII: Peeeeeeeeeeeep! Peeeeeeeeeeep! part 2.

  1. Rebecca Meadows

    This is s picture of my great great grandfather. I am trying to find out more about him.
    Where did you find the picture 🙂 … ?


    • Paul Billingsley

      Hello Rebecca, I have been collating an extensive family tree of the Lonnen/Tilley/Lloyd side (the distaff side) of my family. as my elder brother mentioned in a previous email to you, the photograph is of Lonnen Meadows (aka William John Champion Lonnen), my maternal great grandfather. LM was his stage name he was an actor, writer and comedian in the music hall business. He had 3 brothers: Edwin”Teddy” Lonnen an actor, Victor Champion a music Hahn music director and composer, and Walter Lonnen also an actor. My maternal great grandmother was Ada Tilley but they never married. My research revealed, in several census records, the LM was married and subsequently widowed but I could not find any record of his wife or marriage. Are you related to her? If so would you feel able to share this information? LM died in 1937 and is buried in North Manchester Cemetery, I would be very pleased to hear from you, Paul Billingsley


  2. Good Evening Rebecca,
    This man is a great-something grandfather to our family hence we have the picture. Are you Francis Pipkin’s daughter, or are you a Meadows in direct male line? Try maurice.billingsley1@btopenworld.com and we’ll be able to pool what knowledge we have.


  3. Dear Rebecca,
    my brother Paul is more immersed and knowledgeable about family history. If you read this, do get in touch.

    Best wishes,



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