12 March, Human Will VIII: An Unexpected Reward for being less than 100% committed.


I trust Sister Johanna will allow me to continue reflecting on human will from another angle. WT.

Litter-picking is one of those fatigues that children in school resent. It’s one thing to pick up your own litter, another when it comes to other people’s. I try not to be resentful when I do my turn around our locality – turning over scraps of paper, bottles and cardboard coffee cups, instead of stones on the beach. But that’s more difficult when it comes to cigarette ends. (GRRRR!)

I tell myself the parable about the son who didn’t want to do what his father asked, while the other just made promises. Well, the first one: ‘afterwards, being moved with repentance, he went’. (Matthew 21:29).

My repentance was less than 100%! But a little reward came my way one day just before Christmas. Shining in a ray of winter sun, a very early snowdrop.

And better, surely, to do the job with a degree of anger than not at all? I was doing what I would have done had I been 100% repentant – and the job got done.



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4 responses to “12 March, Human Will VIII: An Unexpected Reward for being less than 100% committed.

  1. I love this story! It’s a wonderful illustration of how the first important thing is to SHOW UP. Maybe we don’t feel like going to Mass this morning, maybe we’re not into it, maybe our minds are wandering a lot – but we are there. And we never know what little blossom of beauty, hope, and joyful surprise may be discovered there. Let’s never succumb to the temptation that we shouldn’t bother going unless we’re 100% into it!
    Thank you for sharing this insight!


  2. Thank you Christina,
    I always appreciate your comments. There is always the equivalent of a snowdrop when I look back at my day. Today it was perhaps the words of one of the five year old girls I was helping take around the zoo. ‘The baboon is wearing cool make-up.’ And of course it’s natural for the baboon to look that way, but humans make themselves up. All the time.

    Beware of comments becoming posts! Good night from England,


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  3. Reblogged this on Divine. Incarnate. and commented:
    Sharing this on my blog as a belated First Monday Reblog – a short post from one of my favorite blogs. Well worth the wait as it reminds us of the importance of showing up and being there even when we don’t exactly feel like it.


  4. Thank you again, Christina! My apologies for not replying sooner but we were away without internet, a little Lenten penance while I was nose down in archives and my wife was the pilgrim/tourist around Rome. Both enjoyed ourselves, and to be frank, if I’d taken the laptop I’d have been tempted to look things up there and then instead of waiting till I can do more than scribble a note or photocopy a page. I was pressed for time! There will be more about Arthur Hughes and the Missionaries of Africa as a result of my week’s work. Have a Happy and Hopeful Easter, and enjoy Spring. We’ll be listening for the swifts and cuckoo we heard in Rome announcing their presence in Canterbury!


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