31 July, Going Viral XLIV: What to expect on Sunday

Rev Jo has shared final planning with churchwardens to allow worship to take place securely. Similar plans will have been drawn up in churches and chapels across the country and around the world, but this is What to expect on Sunday at St Dunstan’s.

Face coverings: You are advised to wear face coverings; Jo will be wearing a face mask for processing in and out, and administrating communion (along with visor) and a visor for leading and preaching. The service will all be led from the altar, inc sermon.

Arrival: Jo will be outside to welcome you; as you go in we need to take your name and number for the Government track and trace requirements. These are then locked in the safe for three weeks prior to disposing. You will then be advised where to sit

Two-metre social distance: Please always keep social distance, after the service there will be opportunity to chat outside church, keeping socially distanced. There is no coffee or refreshments after the service, you may want to bring bottle of water if warm.

Hand sanitizer: Please use hand sanitizer provided on the way in and out, you are also encouraged to bring your own to use prior to and after receiving communion

Seats: The pews are marked indicating where to sit, with ribbon cordoning off those rows that are not available. If you attend with someone from your household, do sit together. The 8.00 service will be in the Roper Chapel

Collection: The collection will not be taken, but there is a plate at the back of church for donations. We also have facility for on-line donations on our website

Peace: There is no sharing of the peace but do acknowledge from afar from your pew.

Communion will be in one kind only, the wafer. Communicants will come up a pew at a time, maintaining 2-metre distance. Jo will distribute from the ‘cross over’ with arms stretched out and ‘drop’ wafer into your hands. If you have your own hand sanitizer you are encouraged to use it prior to and after receiving communion

Singing: There is no singing during the service, though the organ will be played.

Order of Service: Please leave your Order of Service on the pew (it can self-quarantine for use in three weeks’ time), but take the bulletin with you

Leaving: Please leave the church after the service, a pew at a time, back pew first and refrain from having a chat with people until you are outside the building. Jo will leave and go straight outside with opportunity to chat then.

Recording: The 10.00 service will be live-streamed on Facebook-Live, then uploaded to YouTube, with the camara only focusing on the altar and Jo. Readings and intercessions will only be heard and no one in the congregation will be identified.

Self-portrait of St Dunstan prostrate before the Risen Lord; hope in God and praise him!

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