20 September, Going Viral XLVI: God’s movement at this time

Good morning
You will have picked up from my morning briefs and sermons that Bishop Rose has asked us to reflect upon three questions during this time. We are invited to submit our thoughts as a Benefice back to the diocese, by 22 September.
The ministry team worked on this recently, and PCC’s and compiled their thoughts, which are attached, and the PCC’s are working on this. I would be enormously grateful if you could read it, and prayerfully answer the same three questions:

  • What are we noticing of God’s movement at this difficult time?
  • What are we learning as we reflect on how God seems to be moving?
  • What might we let go of or allow to die so that we may enter a new future with God?

For those who would welcome the chance to chat this through,  please do attend either/both these meetings, one during day and one in evening for those who work.
Also to help with your reflections, the diocese have provided some ‘background’ info to put it into context for those who would like to know more. Again this is attached, and on our website.I appreciate this is difficult to do in isolation, but it is so important at this time, that we all prayerfully discern what God is saying to us, and feed that back to the Diocese.

Thank you, and God Bless Jo

Rev Jo Richards Rector of the Benefice of St Dunstan, St Mildred and St Peter, Canterbury
Tel: 01227 786109Text: 07824 155355Email: rev.jorichards@gmail.com

Download all attachments as a zip file


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