30 January: A Synod Newsletter

General Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops
#newsletter n.02 – 01/2022 – Available also in FR – PT – ES – ITHello, it’s good to see you again! In this week’s newsletter, the protagonists are our brothers and sisters with special needs and how to involve them more in the synodal process. We are happy to be able to share stories and narratives from around the world as we continue to journey together.
Sinodality and disabilities
Young people and disability
Cristina Santiago Lizcano, a hospitaller religious sister, talks about how moved young people are when they come into contact with young people with mental illness.For more information…

Special resources for special people
The departments of pastoral care with persons with disabilities of the Archdioceses of Newark and Washington, in the United States, are preparing various materials intended for persons with disabilities, so that all those who wish to contribute to the ecclesial discernment to which they are called, can participate in the synod. The different proposals are available in the space dedicated to the Synod of Bishops on the web pages of each archdiocese, with materials in English and Spanish.
Evanize Andrade stressed the importance of the person with a disability walking towards God to accept and overcome his or her condition.
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The Synod in the World
Don’t miss out on participating!Your parish does not organize a synodal meeting? Don’t worry. Synodmeetings.com offers you hundreds of possibilities to find a place. The website is designed to facilitate the participation of the faithful in the United States, with the support of the Jesuits of Canada and the U.S. Get involved!

Various resources
Various materials about the Synod are coming from France, Scotland, and Colombia: videos, articles, blogs, interviews, etc.

For more information…

Synod as in a choir
Pope Francis, on the 56th World Communications Day, defined the synodal process as a “great occasion of mutual listening” and “not the result of strategies and program”…

 For more information…

Two surveys and a booklet “to print and use”
A digital newspaper invited its readers to respond to two surveys on the Synod of Bishops.
 For more information…

Pray for the Synod
In order to support the synodal journey and ask for the Spirit’s assistance, together with the World Network of Prayers of the Pope and UISG, we have set up a website in 5 languages: Church on the Way. Pray for the Synod. You too can send your prayer. See how to do it… 

Listen with the ear of your heart
Listen with the ear of your heart and hear the voice of God,
calling us to respond creatively and share the gifts we have.

Brothers and sisters, we are all one family,
building God’s Kingdom here on earth today.
Living the message of the Gospel in our lives,
we must strengthen one another in faith.

Sow the seeds of faith, hope and love:
what you plant will yield abundant fruit.
Work for peace and justice, freedom for all;
then shall the whole world live in harmony.

Whatsoever you have done unto the least of these,
in the same way you have done unto me.
Eat this bread and drink this cup in memory of me.
When you gather in my name, I am there.

Benedictine Monks of Weston Priory – USA

Pray for the Synod
Are you witnessing or living a particular synodal experience? Do you think you have experienced a good practice and want to share it? Fill in the attached form and send it to media@synod.va.

If your story appears to be original or considered a good practice, we will publish it in our next newsletter and who knows… maybe even in VaticanNews!

Spot the Difference! … with the Logo

Last December we published our logo with an important difference, which has given rise to a contest.
 Continue to read…

We need You !

Consecrated Life and Young People are fresh air that moves the Church around the world, and therefore a fundamental element in this Synod. Share with us the experience of your consecrated life or youth organization in this synodal process, to share it with other experiences and narratives in Synod Resources.
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