Meat free Lent VII: Three-Root Boulangere

Jeanie Armstrong – St Dunstan’s Church

Serves 4

A deliciously filling vegetable meal that can be adapted with whatever roots are available (I have made this using Jerusalem artichokes and also swede and carrots).  Good partners could be a well-dressed leafy salad and some good bread and cheese.  Something sharp goes really well such as pickled green beans or red cabbage.  A low-budget meal that can be prepared ahead and served with a variety of sides. 

This can be prepped to be oven-ready when wanted or even cooked the day before it’s to be eaten, then re-heated covered loosely with foil.  This seems to improve the flavour.

30g butter 
2 onions halved and thinly sliced 
2 garlic cloves sliced 
1 small celeriac 
2 large potatoes 
3 large parsnips 
couple of sprigs of thyme, leaves only, chopped 
3 sage leaves finely chopped 
about 1.2 litres vegetable stock (but you may not use it all) 
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1.       Preheat oven to 180 C or Gas Mark 4.  Melt butter in frying pan and use some to grease a large gratin dish.  Add onions to pan and sauté over medium heat for 10 minutes until soft then add garlic and cook for another two minutes.

2.       Peel celeriac, potatoes and parsnips and cut into thin slices (cut parsnips lengthways).  Spread out celeriac in gratin dish, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with half the onions and half the herbs.  Layer the parsnips on top and scatter remaining onions and herbs and finish with layer of potatoes.

3.       Bring stock to simmer and add some salt and pepper then pour over the vegetables to barely cover them.   Cover the dish with foil and bake for 30 minutes then uncover and continue to bake for another 30 minutes or so until the vegetables are cooked.  If there is still liquid covering the potatoes, spoon it off and return dish to oven for 15 minutes to brown potatoes on top.


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