Meat free Lent X: Curried Scrambled Egg Savoury / Celery Fritters.

Barbara Vosper – St Mildred’s Church

… I do almost no complex cookery nowadays, but I submit the following couple of simple (lunch/supper?) recipes:

Curried Scrambled Egg Savoury

Half teaspoon curry powder 
3-4 beaten eggs 
Little milk + pinch salt 
Chopped parsley + little butter

Mix powder and salt with the milk.   Add the beaten eggs and chopped parsley.  Melt butter in pan and scramble.   Serve on fingers of fried bread.

Celery Fritters

4 oz plain flour 
half-pint milk and water 
1 egg 
4 oz celery (finely chopped) 
Fat to fry

Make batter with flour, salt, milk + egg.  Add celery to mixture.  Drop spoonfuls into hot fat and fry to golden.   Serve hot (should serve 3-4 persons).

Their simplicity might have some appeal and there is not even a sniff of meat!


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