Meat free Lent XI: Pea Pesto Pasta

Helen Rose and Gerardo Calia – St Dunstan’s Church

This recipe sounds complicated but is easy once you get down to it!

300g spaghetti or linguine 
450 g peas, frozen or fresh 
2 tbsp olive oil 
1 large bunch basil 
10g hazelnuts 
Juice and zest of a lemon 
1 small courgette, thinly sliced 
60g mozzarella – pulled into small pieces 
Salt and pepper.

1.       In pan of boiling water, cook peas for 2 mins.

2.       Place 250g peas into food processor with 1 tbsp olive oil, basil, hazelnuts, half lemon juice and zest and small pinch salt and pepper.  Blitz until smooth or crush ingredients with rolling pin.

3.       Bring pan of water to boil and cook pasts for 10-12 mins.

4.       Meanwhile lightly fry courgettes for a few mins.  Set aside.

5.       Drain pasta – save few tbsp of water – then combine with pesto, peas, courgettes, mozzarella and add reserved water.

6.       When serving, add drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice and garnish with basil leaves.

Good night and God Bless



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