Meat Free Lent XVIII: Vegetable Tagine.

Dr Peter Hoon, St Stephen’s Church

  Serves 4

2 red onions sliced 
2 celery sticks sliced 
Half butternut squash cubed 
Half celeriac cubed 
2 sweet potatoes sliced 
2 carrots sliced 
1 green pepper sliced 
Good handful chopped dried nectarines 
Good handful of coriander 
Good handful of flaked almonds 
2/3 good teaspoonfuls of Harissa paste 
Natural yoghurt (could omit this if not considered vegan!) 
Garlic or plain olive oil 
1 and a half pints of vegetable stock

 1.       Soften onions and celeriac in oil in casserole or wok.

2.       Stir in Harissa paste and cook for 5 minutes.

3.       Add veg and cook till they brown a little (for extra flavour and crunch.  If you have time, roast veg in oven for an hour beforehand, drizzled with oil).

4.       Add stock, nectarines, almonds and simmer till veg tender (25 minutes).

 Serve on couscous or rice.  Garnish with coriander, almonds and optional yoghurt.


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