The power of story

An Easter Garden under construction for the Stations of the Cross.

On the eve of Holy Week, let us share this post of Eddie’s from the Irish Chaplaincy, featuring story telling, L’Arche style. It describes how L’Arche celebrates these days, and how the stories are told a little differently, year by year.

During the many years I spent at L’Arche one of my favourite days of the year was Holy Thursday, on which we came together to retell both the story of the previous year in the life of the community and the final evening Jesus spent with his friends. We would have a Seder meal and we would re-enact a Jewish Passover tradition, where the youngest member of the family asks certain questions of the eldest member. ‘Why do the people of Israel eat bitter herbs?’ ‘Why do the people of Israel eat unleavened bread?’ etc. The word ‘remember’ literally means to put together again; and it has been said that the reason the Jewish people have been able to survive through the multiple persecutions and pogroms over the ages is because of their ability to tell and re-tell their stories, to put together again.

Thank you again, Eddie!


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