16 May, Pauline Jaricot Novena III: My struggles transformed.

Farming maize is just one aspect of the church’s work in mission countries.

Pauline Jaricot showed deep concern for the needs within her local community, and wanted to help poor communities in mission countries. In 19th Century France, this was not easy for a single woman, but eventually, she was able to say, ‘My struggles transformed into ardent charity’ – in her heart and in her followers and co-workers.

She established a work with inspiration from heaven: the Propagation of the Faith. Every missionary disciple cares about the needs of their loved ones and of the whole human family. This is the love that God places in our hearts, a fraternal and universal charity. Let us pray to develop such charity.

Our Father.  
Hail Mary.  
Glory be…  
Blessed Pauline Jaricot, pray for us!

 To find out more about Pauline Jaricot, visit: missio.org.uk/Pauline

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