22 May: Pauline Jaricot Novena, IX.

Day Nine: ‘Walk only after Him’

Pauline Jaricot's life ended with this precious advice to today's missionary disciples: 
          'Walk only after Him, putting your feet in the footsteps of his own, and you will see that he      
          who follows Jesus does not walk in darkness. Christ is the way, the truth and the life'. Throughout her life Pauline walked in the light of the Gospel, and allowed herself to be led by the Spirit. Her advice to us is precious: 
          'Let Jesus and the Spirit lead you, and in all the circumstances of your life be committed 
          to the service of the Kingdom'. 
Let us pray… 
Our Father. 
Hail Mary. 
Glory be… 
Blessed Pauline Jaricot, pray for us!

Pauline Jaricot was born in 1799, during the French Revolution. Her life was to become a testament to the power of lay people in our Church. She believed that if we all dedicate ourselves to praying a little and giving a little, we can help share God’s love throughout the world. Pauline Jaricot is one of Missio’s founders – having created the Association for the Propagation of the Faith in 1822. She is to be beatified on 22 May 2022 in her hometown of Lyon, France.
To find out more about Pauline Jaricot, visit: missio.org.uk/Pauline


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