13 June: Traherne XLIV, Infinite Treasures.

Thomas Traherne is reflecting upon the strange and wonderful effects that flow from being aware that we mortals are also daughters and sons of God, not just robots; and that our souls are infinite, even though minute set beside the glories of creation. You don’t, for example, have to be God to enjoy the sunset, but in enjoying it we experience a manifestation of God’s infinite love, and all the gifts that Traherne lists below. Worth reading many times over and applying to all areas of our lives.

Upon the infinite extent of the understanding and affection of the soul, strange and wonderful things will follow:

  • 1. A manifestation of God’s infinite love.
  • 2. The possession of infinite treasures.
  • 3. A return of infinite thanksgivings.
  • 4. A fulness of joy which no thing can exceed.
  • 5. An infinite beauty and greatness in the soul.
  • 6. An infinite beauty in God’s Kingdom.
  • 7. An infinite union between God and the soul (as well in extent, as fervour).
  • 8. An exact fitness between the powers of the soul, and its objects: neither being desolate, because neither exceedeth the other.
  • 9. An infinite glory in the communion of Saints, everyone being a treasure to all the residue and enjoying the residue, and in the residue all the glory of all worlds.
  • 10. A perfect indwelling of the soul in God, and God in the soul.
So that as the fullness of the Godhead dwelleth in our Saviour, 
it shall dwell in us; 
and the Church shall be the fullness of Him that filleth all in all: 
God being manifested thereby 
to be a king infinitely greater, 
because reigning over infinite subjects. 
To Whom be all glory and dominion 
for ever and ever. Amen.

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