26 June, Going viral CVI: just when you thought it was safe …

We’ve been leaving off the masks outdoors and in shops and church, where we could be sitting near to someone infected for an hour or so at a time. No masks at the street party and no infections, thankfully. But in the L’Arche community a couple of people came back from pilgrimage to Lourdes incubating colds that were in fact covid, and infected others before diagnosis. Separately, so it seems, an outbreak in two houses has caused them to isolate and miss the local community’s pilgrimage.

Thankfully, no-one seems very poorly, but it has led to some disappointment among would be walkers and also would be workers, who are almost the same group of people. Let’s hope and pray all get well soon!

Maybe we should put on our masks again, like this plague doctor of around 1665.


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