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Our name comes from Blessed Agnellus of Pisa who led the nine Franciscans who brought the order to Canterbury and England in 1224. He later contributed to the development of the University of Oxford.

The name also recalls the Scottish friar, Bishop Agnellus Andrew. He became a household name through his ministry in radio and television during the 1950s and 1960s. He founded the Catholic Radio and Television Centre in Hatch End, London, which trained many communicators over the years. He became  Vice President of the Pontifical Commission of Social Communications and Titular Archbishop of Numana in 1980, and died in 1987.

We like to think that both Agnellus of Pisa and Agnellus Andrew would give their blessing to this ministry. Each of these pieces reflect the thoughts of the individual contributor at the time of writing. Each writer holds the copyright in her or his work; they may be contacted through the comments box.

Picture of Blessed Agnellus of Pisa from the website of the English Franciscans’ Custody:  http://www.friar.org/about-us/heritage/saints-and-blesseds.html

Photograph of Fr Agnellus Andrew kindly supplied by CCN, Catholic Communications Network, which runs the Catholic Bishops’ website for England and Wales:  http://catholic-ew.org.uk/

8 responses to “About Agnellus’ Mirror.

  1. Marcel Boivin

    I am grateful to Mr Maurice Billingsley for giving me access to your blog, and would appreciate remaining in contact.


  2. tjherbst

    Well, I’m not Maurice but I know him well, so, safe to say: a huge welcome to St Agnellus’ Mirror, M Boivin!!



  3. Sr Frances Teresa Downing

    What a brilliant initiative The best of luck, with prayers too FT


  4. Would like updates. Did the years course in 1992/3 very powerful till this day on my life


  5. Would like updates. Did the years course in 1992/3 very powerful till this day on my life


  6. Maurice Billingsley

    I’m glad to say we are still here, more than a year after the Study Centre closed.


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