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April 9: Bryn Myrddin; Great is the Lord Eternal.


Our David has lived in Kent most of his life, but he is still a Welshman, prone to hiraeth. Here he has translated an Easter hymn for us. A most Celtic Theology, I feel. WT.

mercylogoGreat is the Lord Eternal.

Great was Christ through eternity,

Great for taking the form of man.

Great for dying on Calvary,

Great for conquering his own death.

Very glorious is he now, King of Heaven and Earth.


Great was Jesus in the purpose,

Great in the peace covenant,

Great in Bethlehem and Calvary,

Great for rising from the grave,

Very Great he’ll be one day when all things hidden are revealed.


Great is Jesus in his person,

Great as God and Great as man,

Great his beauty and amiability,

Fair and rosy –cheeked his face,

Great is He on his throne in Heaven.


To hear Bryn Myrddin sung by a Welsh Choir, click here: Cor Meibion y Traeth .

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Christ the King V

crux (427x528)There are many interpretations of the Cross; often it is portrayed in isolation but here it is at the centre of the story of Holy Week and Easter.

Jesus, crowned with thorns, is looking death in the face, unflinching. He is the King of the Jews and of everyone else. He is dying on his Father’s terms. He will descend into death and Hell, but his humanity and divinity will not thereby be diminished.

Watch this space: watch and pray.

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