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A Sharing Day in Sussex


A reminder about this event that was brought to our attention by Marie Miller.


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15 July: Feast of Saint Bonaventure

bonaventure.rye (392x800)


Saint Bonaventure was born in the small Italian town of Bagnoregio, near Viterbo, probably in 1217. He studied at the University of Paris, where he joined the Order of Friars Minor. He later taught and became a Master in the school of theology at the same university. He wrote many great academic works of theology.

In 1257, at the age of forty, he was called unexpectedly out of his academic world to become the Minister General of his Order, responsible for leading all the Friars Minor worldwide. He was the seventh successor of Saint Francis of Assisi in this role. In his new role as Minister General, he managed to continue teaching through his writing. His writings of this period were less esoteric and more concerned with spirituality in the lives of the friars and the Christian people they served.

Saint Bonaventure had a gift for uniting different schools of thought into a harmonious synthesis. He used this gift through his writing in efforts to bring peace among opposing factions in his Order and later in the service of the worldwide Church. He was consecrated Cardinal Archbishop of Albano in 1273. He then assisted in preparations for the Second Council of Lyon in 1274, where he played a key role in the efforts to unite the Eastern and Western Christian churches.

Having put his energies into a General Chapter of his Order and then three sessions of the great Church Council in the same year, 1274, he died at the friary in Lyons on 15th July, aged around fifty seven. The Pope and those who had attended the Council, both Eastern and Western Christians were present for his funeral. Saint Bonaventure was canonised in 1482 and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1588.

Saint Bonaventure; tireless Franciscan teacher, writer and peacemaker, pray for us.


Saint Bonaventure at Saint Antony’s Church, Rye, Sussex.

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On the Road to Jerusalem: Lent in Canterbury.


From Churches Together in Canterbury.

Dear Friends,
On this sunny (mostly) Shrove Tuesday, I am here in your inboxes to let you know what is going on around Canterbury for Lent. I am bound to have missed something, but here are some things for anyone looking for a way to engage with the season.There’s a mixture of events to attend and online ways to engage.
            1. ‘Conversations on the Journey’ – the Canterbury Diocese Lent Resource
From the Diocese’s website:

In a letter launching the Diocesan theme – Conversations on the Journey – Bishop Trevor wrote, “I sense that there are many transformative, and perhaps risky, conversations yet waiting to happen in our churches. I want us to encourage these in every way that we can.”

40 Days / 40 Voices: Conversations on the Road to Jerusalem

Rather than producing a traditional-style Lent course in 2017 we have produced a daily devotional called 40 Days / 40 Voices. Each day in Lent a different person from the Diocese will offer their response to a part of the biblical story charting Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem from Luke 9:51 all the way to Luke 23:56. The reflections include words, poems, artwork, photography, music. Each day’s response will take the form of a daily email which will include the scripture for the day and the reflection.

Sign up for your daily emails by visiting this site and clicking on the ‘Sign up’ link:
2. Lunchtime Lent Lectures at St Peter’s Anglican Church, Tuesday 12:30pm followed by light lunch
“Faith Expressed through the Arts”
7th March John Shirland ‘The Icon’
14th March Dr Jane Gledhill ‘Literature’
21st March Professor Ken Pickering ‘Drama’
28th March Archdeacon Jo Kelly-Moore ‘The Art of Auckland Cathedral’
4th April Professor Graham Anderson ‘Music’
3. Luther Discussion Groups at the French Church, 7:00-8:30pm on Tuesdays 14th, 21st and 28th March, and 4th April.
Discussions will be based on a brief introduction to Martin Luther’s life and ministry, and will be led by members of the French Church (ability to speak French not necessary).
4. Vineyard Lent Worship Teams
6:00pm at the Vineyard offices (behind Chaucer School) on Sundays 12th, 19th, 26th March and 2nd April.
5. Quiet Day at the Franciscan Study Centre, hosted by All Saints Church, Whitstable
10am-4pm on Saturday 25th March – ending with tea and home-made cake (please bring your own lunch)
Speaker: Rev Canon Tony Marchant
Suggested donation £10
There are only limited places left, so please contact Anne Rees to check availability and book your place.
6. “Stories from the Wilderness” – a Lent podcast series from 24-7 Prayer
The 24-7 Prayer movement and Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) have partnered to produce a series of podcasts for Lent, each featuring the story of someone who has suffered for their faith. Their ‘wilderness’ experiences are shared to help us focus on our own wilderness places, and to prepare for Easter.
For more info and to find out how to download the podcasts visit:
Lyndall Bywater
Moderator, Christians Together in Canterbury

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24 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.

gate,old,iron. (558x800)

Burgate 2 Tuesday 24th January, 9.15‐9.45pm

St Paul’s Church, Church Street St Paul’s, CT1 1NH

Tourism and entertainment Fun

With one of the city’s busiest pubs situated almost exactly where the Burgate would have been, today we pray for the leisure industry, the city’s nightlife and the tourism which helps make this a prosperous city. May Canterbury be a place where people discover true rest and deep joy.

(The gates in this week’s pictures are from around Canterbury but not the proper City Gates, which have all long gone, except Westgate).


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22 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.

gate, overgrown (800x410) (2)

The Church

Sunday 22nd January, 4‐5.15pm

Canterbury Baptist Church, St George’s Place, CT1 1UT

Join us for a united service of prayer and celebration. We will be making a virtual tour of the city together in prayer, and there will be refreshments afterwards.

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20 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.

gatenrDoddington (564x800)

Quenin Gate Friday 20th January, 8.30‐9am

Christ Church, North Holmes Road, CT1 1QU

Education and creativity

Quenin Gate, leading into the grounds of the Cathedral was used by the monks of St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury’s oldest educational establishment. Today we pray for all those who teach or study in our schools, colleges and universities, for the ability to learn well and to think creatively.

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19 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.

gate,oldgrey (517x800)

Worth Gate Thursday 19th January, 12‐12.30pm

St Mildred’s Church, Church Lane, CT1 2PP Business and commerce Innovation and integrity

Wincheap was one of Canterbury’s thriving markets, with traders coming in from far and wide to sell their wares. Today we pray for the thousands of businesses which make this city such a vibrant place to live. We pray that those who do business here will operate in honesty, integrity and generosity.

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18 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.


gate doddington ch (800x721)

St George’s Gate 2 Wednesday 18th January, 9.30‐10.15am

Canterbury Baptist Church, St George’s Place, CT1 1UT

Health and social care, Compassion

St George’s Gate leads out to the south part of the city, where many of our healthcare facilities are situated: K&C Hospital, the Health Centre and the Chaucer Hospital, to name but a few. Today we pray for all those involved in health and social care in Canterbury, for hearts full of compassion, and for stamina to do their work well.

(The gates shown during this week are to be found around Canterbury: the proper city gates have all gone, except the Westgate.)

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17 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.


The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity runs from 18th to 25th January 2017.

The local Churches have composed a prayer guide using the gates in our city wall as a template to help us pray for Canterbury. We have linked each gate with a particular theme.

We will gather to pray each day, somewhere near the gate mentioned for that day. If you are in town we hope you will be able to come to at least one of those prayer times, but even if you can’t, please join us in following this guide in your own personal prayers.


We will publish each day’s prayer guide from CCTC during Unity Week, and invite you to spend a moment sharing our prayers. Will T.

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July 28: Canine Sectarianism?



Alfie The Collie.

We had left the roar and rumble of the motorway and were enjoying a sandwich lunch in a Cotswold churchyard, gathered under a spreading yew tree, sheltered from the gentle summer’s rain. A woman came by, in waterproofs, wellingtons and plastic hat, clutching two shopping bags.

“You don’t need to sit out there in the rain, go inside, it’s all right. No, you don’t need to worry about him, take him in, he’s a beautiful dog. What breed is he?

“I never heard of a short-haired collie, but he does have that look about him. An intelligent dog, I can see that. He’d be welcome inside, don’t you worry.

“You are dry there? Where you’re sitting now, that big box tomb, that’s what I calls the glove-maker’s tomb. My grandmother used to make gloves for him. He would send his man round to the cottage to collect the gloves and pay Nan for them. All made at home they were, while she was bringing up the family.

“Good boy! He is well behaved. He would be welcome inside. I takes my little Sam in with me. He’s a little Jack Russell but he’s not with me today, he gets all over-excited if he goes on the bus. No, but he likes to come here and light a candle for Steve and Billy, my two other Jackies that he remembers. He comes in with me either sitting in my bag or else on the lead.

“The first time he came in we got told off but I told them he had every right to be there. He was giving thanks for his good health. When he was a pup he swallowed a fish-hook, playing with the children. The vet said that he wouldn’t pull round, but I came in here, said my prayer and lit my candle: and he got better. The Good Shepherd listened to me and he looked after Sam.

“He’ll listen to your Alfie, too. He is a beautiful dog and he’s welcome to come inside.

“Unless he’s a Catholic of course.

“He is? Oh really? Well, nice meeting you all but it’s time for my bus. Goodbye, now!”




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