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23 November: The Gate


Another story about hospitality to finish the season. Re-reading an old email reminded me that I was going to write a blog about this pub, or rather its sign: The Gate. I used to cycle this way when I was at college, and one more time about ten years ago to visit two friends who were unwell.

There is a verse that accompanies the sign of the Gate; there are various versions around the country:

This Gate hangs high and hinders none,
Refreshment take and then jog on.

Did I ever stop there for a drink? I don’t remember but I’m glad to say the place has not been converted into flats!

Gates were set across roads in 19th Century England to collect toll charges – money to pay for construction, upkeep and improvement of the highway. If people had to stop anyway, the pub would hope to invite them in to ‘refreshment take and then jog on’. There is another story, told by Jesus:

I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: and he shall go in, and go out, and shall find pastures. John 10.9

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18 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.


gate doddington ch (800x721)

St George’s Gate 2 Wednesday 18th January, 9.30‐10.15am

Canterbury Baptist Church, St George’s Place, CT1 1UT

Health and social care, Compassion

St George’s Gate leads out to the south part of the city, where many of our healthcare facilities are situated: K&C Hospital, the Health Centre and the Chaucer Hospital, to name but a few. Today we pray for all those involved in health and social care in Canterbury, for hearts full of compassion, and for stamina to do their work well.

(The gates shown during this week are to be found around Canterbury: the proper city gates have all gone, except the Westgate.)

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17 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.


The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity runs from 18th to 25th January 2017.

The local Churches have composed a prayer guide using the gates in our city wall as a template to help us pray for Canterbury. We have linked each gate with a particular theme.

We will gather to pray each day, somewhere near the gate mentioned for that day. If you are in town we hope you will be able to come to at least one of those prayer times, but even if you can’t, please join us in following this guide in your own personal prayers.


We will publish each day’s prayer guide from CCTC during Unity Week, and invite you to spend a moment sharing our prayers. Will T.

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5th June 2016: Interruption: the King of glory shall come in.


gate,old,iron. (558x800)


mercylogoWe are, somewhat belatedly perhaps, addressing the year of Mercy. Pope Francis began the year in Bangui, Central African Republic, opening the Holy Door in the Cathedral there. But open any door or gate, open any book, and you could find something new, something beautiful, when you cross the threshold.

Are you going in to spend time in a friend’s house, or leaving home on a mission – even if it’s only to the shop for bread, you can be walking out, or walking in, for God, alongside him. Feeding the family may be your mission for today, either buying the daily bread or working to afford it. Out you go to your work, come back to your home, and remember he is at your side as he was with the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24). Open your gate, and let him in!

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. PS 24:7 

Various members of our team will be writing about mercy in the next few weeks, but we start today with Pope Francis’s words as he threw open the Holy Door of Mercy at Bangui Cathedral.


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28th February: A God of Second Chances


Picture Sunday wk 3 (1)

(Image from noxuzeta.jimdo.com)

(Exodus 3:1-8,13-15    Psalm 102:1-4,6-8,11. Corinthians 10:1-6,10-12 Luke13:1-9)


As we enter the third of week of Lent, the theme of repentance comes out strongly.  In the Gospel reading, Jesus warns us that if we do not repent, we will perish.  He gives a parable about the fig tree. What does this tell us? God is not interested in punishing you and me.  The will of God is for us to be saved. We may be like that fig tree which has come to maturity without producing any fruits. The owner of the garden wants to cut it and burn it so nothing of it remains but the gardener (God) says give me one more year to dig around it, manure it, water it and just to take care of it. After that, if it does not bear fruit, you can cut it down. A God of Second Chances……..

We are celebrating the Year of Mercy.  The Lord in his goodness has opened the floodgates of his mercy. He does not care about how we have lived in the past, his desire is for us to humble ourselves and repent.

In the first reading, God sees the misery of people of Israel and chooses to free them through Moses. In the same way, God sees our wretchedness and wants to free us from our sins. He is running to meet us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

We should never despair but persevere in conversion until the end in order to be saved. Sometimes we look at our deeds and think we are irredeemable but God sees something different and wants to give us a second chance to love him.

As Pope Francis wrote in his book The Name of God is Mercy:

‘Mercy will always be greater than any sin; no one can put a limit on the love of the all-forgiving God.’















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