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Eco tips XXX and XXXI: how many Kilometres is that?

Daily Eco Tip 31

Stylish yet useful – glass jars are the perfect solution to storing all your loose foods, like nuts, beans and more. The Unboxed shop offers a wide variety of loose foods and jars if you forget to bring one.

Daily Eco Tip 30

Did you know that in the UK consumers go through 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year? Try reusing torn paper from last Christmas to create artsy packing for your presents. Or use different materials like tissue or plastic-free wrapping paper instead.


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Eco tip XIV: forget paper post!


We get a lot of unneeded paper mail at our door, ranging from promotions to bank statements. So, how about changing all paper mail to virtual ones instead! Most banks do this and over the course of a year you might be saving stacks of paper that would have otherwise gone to the bin!

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Daily Eco tip XII: rolling plastic out.


We go through heaps of toilet paper and waste so much plastic on packaging. So, one of the best ways to go plastic free is to change toilet paper brands! Places like whogivesacrap are perfect if you are looking for great price and quality, while still keeping the planet in mind


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