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Another briefing from the Synod Office.

General Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops
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#newsletter n.11 – 12/2021 – Available also in FR – PT – ES – IT

Webinar Women in Synodality
 Sponsored by the Embassy of Australia to the Holy See, Georgetown University and La Civiltà Cattolica.

December 16, 2021 – 10:30 am (GMT+1)
The Webinar will be in English

Read moreServing the Synod: Launching a cohort of synod animators

This initiative is sponsored by Discerning Deacons, an organization that seeks to promote active discernment about women and the diaconate.
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 Returning to …
We present the final documents or interventions in their respective languages from two important meetings that have just concluded.Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean
The documents (in Spanish only) are available here.The 96th USG AssemblyThe document are available here.

From our peripheries …We are starting a new section in which we will present from time to time the contribution that comes to us from our ecclesial “peripheries”. 

Children of a Lesser God?
Walking together also means knowing how to apologise.

 In recent days, I have personally taken the initiative to de-publish a post promoted by the “New Ways Ministries” for internal procedural reasons. This brought pain to the entire LGBTQ community who once again felt left out. I feel that I must apologize to all LGBTQ people and to the members of New Ways Ministries for the pain caused, testifying with the two contributions below the firm will – not only mine but of the entire General Secretariat of the Synod – not to exclude those who wish to carry out this synodal process with a sincere heart and a spirit of dialogue and real discernment.

Certainly, LGBTQ groups and those groups who feel they live on the ‘margins’ of the Church can direct their contributions, resources, or what they want to share with the whole people of God to webmaster@synodresources.org
In walking together, sometimes one may fall, the important thing is to get back up with the help of the brothers and sisters. 

Thierry Bonaventura
Communication Manager of the General Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops

New Ways Ministries Webinar
“From the Margins to the Center: LGBTQ Catholics and Synodality.” 

The keynote speaker was Robert Choiniere, D.Min, professor of theology at Fordham University and director of adult formation at St. Francis Xavier Church, Manhattan.

Project Gionata Open Letter from the Volunteers of The Fionata Tent.
The letter is in Italian.
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Synodal spirituality

We continue our journey to discover the spirituality of the different religious families, associations and ecclesial movements. Today we invite you to discover the spirituality of the Community of Sant’Egidio.

Pray for the Synod
In order to support the synodal journey and ask for the Spirit’s assistance, together with the World Network of Prayers of the Pope and UISG, we have set up a website in 5 languages: Church on the Way. Pray for the Synod. From 2 November, you too can send your prayer.

See how to do it… 

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25 June: Shared Table VII, Lunch with Pope Benedict.


Pope Emeritus Benedict has contrasted his style with that of Pope Francis,suggesting that he should have got among the people more. Yet Benedict did something radical in this direction when he came out of the Vatican and shared a Christmas meal with homeless people at the Sant’Egidio Community. (Amazingly, protocol demanded that the Pope should not be seen eating!)

He told the gathering:

It is a moving experience for me to be with you, to be with Jesus’ friends, because Jesus especially loves people who are suffering, people in difficulty, and wants them to become his brothers and sisters. Thank you for this possibility! I am very glad and I thank all those who prepared the meal, lovingly and competently I was truly aware of the good cooking, congratulations! and I also thank those who served the food.

At lunch I heard of sorrowful events full of humanity and also stories of love rediscovered here at Sant’Egidio: the experiences of elderly, homeless or disabled people, emigrants, gypsies, individuals with financial problems or other difficulties who are all, in one way or another, sorely tried by life. I am here with you to tell you that I am close to you and love you, and that you and your affairs are not far from my thoughts but rather at the centre and in the heart of the Community of believers, hence also in my heart.

With the words of St John Chrysostom I would like to remind each one: “Consider you have become a priest of Christ, giving with your own hand not flesh but bread, and not Blood, but a cup of water” (Homily on the Gospel of Matthew, 42,3). What riches are offered to life by God’s love expressed in real service to our brothers and sisters who are in need! Like St Lawrence, a Deacon of the Church of Rome, when the Roman magistrates of the time sought to intimidate him, to make him handover the Church’s treasure, he pointed to the poor of Rome as the true treasure of the Church. We can make St Lawrence’s gesture our own and say that you poor people really are the Church’s treasure.

Click to access hf_ben-xvi_spe_20091227_pranzo-poveri.pdf

Pope Benedict XVI visits the Community of Sant’Egidio.

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