March 23 – Going viral LXXIII: A Year on.

Today is a year since England entered the first lockdown due to Covid-19. Here’s a reflection from the Dean of Lichfield to get us thinking and praying. Follow the link to read all of it.

 The past year has been tough for the world, our nation and every community.  Nor can we say with certainty that the crisis is over, and all will soon be well.  Yes, there are promising signs that infection rates have dropped here in the UK and the roll-out of the vaccination programme has been a great success.  Disease, however, is no respecter of national boundaries.  Until the world can unite in action to vaccinate the entire population quickly and equitably and take preventive measures to bear down on every outbreak and support those who have to isolate, then we’ll be playing risky games of snakes and ladders with public health.  It would be really encouraging to see world leaders coming together to unite in policy and action.  This is something we must pray about and support our politicians (or encourage them) to develop world-scale solutions for a world-scale problem.  If one suffers, we all suffer.  


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